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Sara Carlisle

Sara Carlisle

Deep River, ON, CA

Sara Carlisle takes joy in the small pleasures in life. The play of colour and light in the world we live in. The warmth and mischief of a pet cat. The subtle beauty and resilience of wild flowers and weeds. She captures her love of these things in her glass art.

Her work draws on her own personal experience as a visual artist – she discovered watercolour painting in the early 2000’s, and very much enjoyed it, but then fell in love with glass, and began the journey that led to her becoming a glass blower in recent years.

She is currently exploring two lines of work on blown glass forms: investigating movement and colour interactions in glass using frits and shards, and revisiting her botanical paintings in enamels and coldworking.

Sara is currently studying glass blowing at Sheridan College, in Oakville ON, Canada. She hopes her work brings as much joy to the viewer as it does herself.