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Zihao Xiong

Zihao Xiong

Oakville, Ontario, ???

His works focused on the concepts of self-expression and examination of identity, using the temperance and fragility of glass to highlight the difference between inner truth and external perceived identity.

Coupled with its ability to distort and transmit light, it has been the perfect material with which to develop these themes. He is able to visualize the abstract and alluring nature of identity with this ethereal material that has a metaphysical quality.

Zihao was born in a city built in mountains in China and grew up in a modern society while surrounded by the beauty of nature. As the unique duality fascinated him, he has a desire to find the link between contradiction and balance.

His time in Canada has significantly impacted his work. Since enrolling at Sheridan College he has developed his concept through kiln-casted and flameworked sculpture.