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Marcela Rosemberg

Marcela Rosemberg

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Marcela Rosemberg is a glass artist. Waterscapes and her Jewish faith are the main sources of inspiration in her current work.

Finding glass as a medium of expression was truly a blessing for Marcela. It was the key that opened the doors for her and her family into Canada from Buenos Aires, Argentina,17 years ago allowing her to start a new journey.

Beauty, simplicity, elegance and functionality are essential components in Marcela Rosemberg’s designs.

At her studio in Toronto, she’s always looking for that special blend of colour and texture that leads her to each piece of art she carefully designs. She treats glass as if it were a human being, by respecting it and not pushing it. This allows her to understand its flow, displacement, behavior, and action up to its most intricate inner part… Its core. That is why Marcela always says: “Each time a piece leaves my studio I feel a little bit of my soul is going with it”.