Glass Art Association of Canada

Laura Murdoch

Laura Murdoch

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Growing up in the Yukon, this award-winning artist studied and apprenticed in glassblowing in the US over a ten-year period with the William Morris Team when they privately rented Pilchuck Glass School in rural Washington State in the winters, and was a teaching assistant in several Seattle schools. She was honored to be in the live portion of Pilchuck’s annual fundraising auction for the first time in 2017, when she was also featured in the concurrent “Jury’s Choice” exhibition in Seattle.

After returning to Vancouver in 2011, she undertook a certificate in Building Construction and Architectural CAD to add to her skill set. She currently makes her work at Terminal City Glass in Vancouver, where she has also taught, and Urban Glass in Brooklyn.

Among her many achievements is the honor of winning an international competition to design a massive patterned light sculpture installation for the University of Delaware, where it hangs today in their performing arts center.