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Alana Biffert

Alana Biffert

Calgary, Alberta, canada

Alana Biffert; BIOGRAPHY

Alana Biffert’s studio practise is expansive, often driven by the exploration into various techniques. Biffert’s accumulative skills are built in both hard and soft glass. Her obsession for this material is mirrored by the depth of her skill set, materialized through her passion for the Arts. A European upbringing constructed the first decade of Biffert’s life in the glass culture of Malta, a small island in the Mediterranean Sea. Glass engulfed her childhood with a dream of becoming a glassblower.

Biffert took home a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass from Alberta University of the Arts in 2008. Through volunteering locally, she landed a life changing job as a Glass technician at Red Deer College. Opportunities blossomed and after working with several well-known local artists, Biffert spent the next two years in her pursuit on a professional level.

Welcoming every opportunity, Biffert worked with various talents in New Zealand, Australia and Croatia