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Dalia Saafan

Dalia Saafan

Edmonton, AB, Canada

Artist Biography

Dalia Saafan, a graphic designer and teacher, earned her Bachelor of Interior Design degree in 1993 in her native Egypt.She arrived in Canada in 1995 and continued to work as an instructor, craft producer, and designer. It wasn’t until Dalia moved to Canada that she was introduced to her current medium of choice: glass.

Dalia found glass to be a discipline that could blend all her creative strengths: painting, interior design, and warm glass. Her work combines elements of Bedouin culture and near eastern rural colours with the addition of plant-inspired motifs and Arabic or English calligraphy. Her portfolio includes an array of spontaneous and methodical exhibition and retail pieces, but also a number of unique commissions. Dalia’s style celebrates both her Egyptian roots and her new Canadian home. Dalia Is a Professional Member at Alberta Craft Council.