Glass Art Association of Canada

Korina Opekar Ruiz

Korina Opekar Ruiz

Calgary, AB, Canada

A mixed media artist with a focus in glass, Korina often explores themes of nature in both representational and nonrepresentational ways.

She is interested in performance and site-specific artwork. Her practice ranges in tone working with bright colors and patterns as well as clear and muted motifs.

She is interested in questioning the place of self within the universe and often uses her work to contextualize her current emotional experience and relationship with the world around her. Using her work to express relationship and ritual with place, people, and self.

Korina’s glass work explores vessel making, sculpture, and a constant exploration of color. The artist has developed a love and passion for hot glass and is excited to continue exploring traditional glass blowing techniques as well as more unconventional approaches to the medium.