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john krizan

john krizan

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

John Krizan grew up in Iowa and Georgia. He became a professional

automotive technician after graduating high school and enjoyed the

challenge of diagnosing and repairing different makes and models of the

automobile. Seeking to leave the automotive field John enrolled at

Kirkwood Community College, earning an Associates Degree in Applied

Science in 2014. Drawn to the Arts Department while attending KCC John

took all of his elective courses in the Glass Area; sparking and nurturing a

passion for working with hot glass. Since then John has continued to

design and produce his own blown and kiln worked glass objects and

installations, taught continuing education glassblowing classes, glass kiln-

working and cold-working workshops, worked as a studio technician for

KCC and The Iowa Glass Studio and Ceramics Center, built and

maintained studios in Montana, Iowa, and Minnesota. John has taken

classes at the Corning Museum of Glass and continues to make one of a kind glass objects.