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Maciej Dyszkiewicz
(1959 - Dec 1, 2019)

Maciej Dyszkiewicz is primarily a traditional stone wheel engraver who was taught the craft by his father in Warsaw, Poland. In the 1980's, he created customized designs for leaded crystal glass in Greece. In 1988, he opened a self-operated craft shop in Toronto and has garnered acclaim for his intricately carved vessels ever since. Maciej's work can now be found in galleries throughout North America, and has received international acclaim. His line of work has also extended to unique blown glass paperweights and perfume bottles which drip with colour as if frozen in time.

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As we intrude more and more into our surrounding with different technologies, creating new species, polluting the environment, struggling with noise, stress and the speed of life , we often express our doubts and recall with nostalgia the times of clean air and water. We long for quite tranquillity, where being surrounded by old silent buildings, or walking through forests, where nature sounds are the only music.